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🤯 Last Thursday I attended the in3 Nutrition (@in3nutrition) 3-Day Mastermind hosted by CEO/Founder Jason Phillips (@jasonphillips_in3). It was hands down the best mastermind I’ve ever experienced in my life. Going into the mastermind I thought I had great clarity & vision for myself & my company, but later learned that I had a lot of blind spots.

The mastermind started off with one question “Why the f**k am I here?” and it got real after that! I answered that question by stating “I am here to uncover the mission for my company by developing and uncovering my message that resonates for myself and my brand.”

From there we continued to dive deeper and uncover layers within my answer that went way beyond my business and made me come face to face with myself. After being put on a few TOUGH hot seat sessions I came to realize that for a majority of my life I’ve been too money focused. All the jobs I’ve worked and businesses I’ve created since graduating college were done for one reason…To make the most money possible in the fastest time possible. The truth is I achieved that goal early on by creating a lot of success both personally and financially before I was 30 years old. But after dealing with some legal & patent infringement situations last year I began to realize something was missing in my life & business, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Somewhere along the line from 21 to 31 yrs old I stopped having fun and everything was just about business.

So late 2018 I decided to spend a lot of time by myself and with my family. I separated from everyone and everything to find the answers to the questions I had. I began to think about the times when I was the happiest, most fulfilled, and excited. The answer always came back to my childhood/early adulthood because of family, sports, video games, & fitness. Having my answers felt great, but the hard part for me was trying to find the path to create something that aligned with my passions.

Fast forward a few months later, when I met Jason for the first time. He was a guest on my podcast Feed Me Fuel Me (@feedmefuelme). His story was dope and his energy & enthusiasm resonated with me from the jump. After the show ended he was nice enough, to invite me to attend his Mastermind. Going in I figured it would be just another mastermind similar to ones I’ve experienced before. But I was wrong! For whatever reason, all the goals/intentions I set and the questions I asked myself a few months prior came full circle on the first day of the mastermind. All the pieces began to fall in place for me. I was faced with some very exciting & tough decisions that I’ll talk about in greater detail later. But for right now I’ve made the decision to discontinue my company Land of Lean (@landoflean) and begin building a new company from the ground up! I’m excited to see where I can take my new company as I align it with my passions and a clear mission of delivering incredible value and exceptional quality over making a quick buck.

To keep myself accountable I’ll be documenting the entire journey of building my business on my personal YouTube. If you want to check it out & subscribe here’s the link I really appreciate all the love & support crew! Looking forward to the journey ahead.

Listen to the latest episode of my podcast Feed Me Fuel Me


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